Underage Drinking

One night I sat down to watch the news.  The reporter said that there had been a major car crash and the occupants of each car were in the hospital.  They later got a report that there had been a bottle of beer in one of the cars and they also found that the bottle of beer...... belonged to the teen.   After watching that I realized  how dangerous alcohol is.


Alcohol is really dangerous but alot of adults and even teens like to hit the  happy juice.  In this article i'll talk about how old you have to be to drink, What's underage drinking, The consequences of too much alcohol, & how to be careful around alcohol.

What Is Underage Drinking

What IS underage drinking?  Underage drinking is when a minor (person under 21) drinks alcohol.  Why do people drink underage?  Sometimes minors drink alcohol out of pier pressure but some minors do it to be more like adults or more grown up.

How old do you have to be to drink?

How old do you have to be to drink?You have to be 21 to legally buy and drink alcohol.   Why do you have to be 21? You have to be 21 to drink alcohol because teens get drunk 2x as fast than adults.  Teens also binge more often than adults.

How to be careful around alcohol

How do you be careful around alcohol?  To be careful around alcohol you have to be able to understand the consequences of too much alcohol.  For example, if you pass out due to too much alcohol it's possible you may never wake up.  

The consequences of to much alcohol

What are the consequences of too much alcohol?  The consequences of too much alcohol depend on the person.  Some people can take in much more alcohol at once than other people but even they can do bad stuff like commit suicide,  homicide, get burned , or drown.  But minor can get into one place...... Jail.


Alcohol is really dangerous and people drinking it under 21 should not be tolerated.  If we live in a world where underage drinking is OK than I don't wan't anything to do with it.  Just don't get your life messed up because of 1 little drink.

Vocabulary words

Minor- someone under 21

Commit Suicide- to kill yourself

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