3 Unconventional Ideas to Ready Your Garden for Spring

Gardening is no longer limited to villages anymore. Unconventional urban gardens are popping up everywhere, in terraces, in backyards, in a corner of the lawn – you name it and there is a dainty little garden waiting to amaze you. So pretty are these cute little gardens that the moment you lay eyes on them, you feel like designing one for yourself. Getting a beautiful garden is a series of different tasks and it all begins with getting the right kind of outdoor pots and planters. Big ones are absolutely fine, but ask yourself, do you need big planters? Perhaps small ones will be better suited for your needs here, so how do you find really cute garden planters and pots?

There are two ways to do that. Either invest money and choose from designer flower pots that are easily available in the market (online/offline) or try being innovative. You don’t need a lot of inspiration to pick a product, but you sure do if you want to make your very own personalized outdoor pots and planters. Here are some that we gathered and thought would be wonderful to share with you.

  • Cage in a pot

There may be cages and big drums lying around your home and you can simply gather and covert into some very pretty garden planters. Do you know how to make a tomato cage? It’s easy, look up the internet and you will find more than enough ideas and resources to design a cage. Or simply buy one online. Once that’s done, put that in your drum and you are done. Perfect for shrubs and climbers that need support, this setup is sturdy enough to last longer than one spring. You get more than spring time freshness; you are ensuring a steady supply of fresh vegetables.

  • Rose buds in a boot

Got a lot of old shoes lying around? Did you know you can get them to use instead of throwing them out? Leather shoes are not harmful in anyway so get rid of your misgivings and begin creatively reusing your old shoes for a rose garden. Pour in nice quality compost in your old shoes and then plant in your bud! Keep watering it and in time the bud will sprout into a pretty rose bush. If it grows too big for the shoe, get it transferred to Designer flower pots.

  • Spices in coconut shells

Spring time is great to indulge in culinary adventures, try out things that you have been procrastinating since winter. Try out something spicy, and get fresh spices from your kitchen garden. Gather a handful of coconut shells, put in compost and soil in equal amounts and plant in coriander seeds, water it and by the end of a week (or possibly earlier) you will have your own coriander to use!

You can always use outdoor pots and planters to move your entire spice garden outdoors.

Putting in the efforts to grow your very own veggies can be a rewarding experience. All you need is some creativity, or if you are feeling lazy - Designer flower pots! Read more on how get your garden started.