Reagan Lancaster

Software Executive in Dallas, Texas

About Reagan Lancaster

An experienced software executive based in Dallas, Reagan Lancaster currently serves as chief executive officer of Sourcetap, which he founded to provide software developers with free access to open-source software. Sourcetap is affiliated with the venture capital firm Titan Ventures, which Reagan Lancaster oversees as managing partner. Prior to establishing Sourcetap, he was president of worldwide operations at i2 Technologies. He has also served as vice president of sales for the enterprise software company Trilogy, and as regional vice president for Oracle Corporation. During the course of his career, he has gained extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, global sales and marketing, and executive management in the software industry.

Reagan Lancaster earned his bachelor of business administration from the University of North Texas. Outside of his business interests, he enjoys riding cutting horses and actively supports charitable organizations such as University of Vanderbilt Health, Ronald McDonald House, and Apache Angels.

Reagan Lancaster- Apache's Angels Foundation and Scholarships

Throughout his career in sales, Reagan Lancaster has completed 20 acquisitions ranging from $1 million to $9.6 billion. Currently, he utilizes his expertise as the president and CEO of Sourcetap. Also a cutting horse rider, Reagan Lancaster supports the Apache's Angels Foundation.

Based out of Colleyville, Texas, the Apache's Angels Foundation recognizes how horse riding can enhance the physical healing of children. Its therapy programs were developed as a supplement to the endeavors at Stajduhar Stables Therapy Center. Despite that organization closing in 2011, the Apache's Angels Foundation continues its mission of equine-assisted education and healthcare. Moreover, it is run entirely by volunteers and without overhead costs, so that all donations go toward its programs.

One way in which the Apache's Angels Foundation cares for youth is through scholarships. This initiative provides financial aid to those who can use horseback riding for therapeutic and physical therapy purposes. With approximately $20,000 budgeted toward scholarships annually, this organization considers several criteria when choosing recipients. Factors include rehabilitation potential, financial hardship, and available monies. To learn how to apply for financial assistance, visit the Apache's Angels Foundation's website at

SourceTap Provides Open Source Enterprise Applications for Businesses

A software professional with more than two decades of experience, Reagan Lancaster has experience in business strategy, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Reagan Lancaster leveraging his knowledge and experience to lead SourceTap as the company’s chief executive officer and president.

Founded in 2002, SourceTap provides businesses with open source enterprise applications. Focusing on cost-effective operations and sales control, the software company has a history of turning venture ideas into long-lasting public companies. Integrating sales, marketing, and support, SourceTap’s customer relationship management application produces credible leads for businesses to pursue and build their clientele. In addition, the company offers a J2EE application, which is compatible with operation systems such as Linux and Windows. J2EE streamlines workflow and enhances security when building a subscription service.

Among the services provided by SourceTap are consultation and training. Meeting with a SourceTap representative, a business can learn the benefits and process of incorporating the applications into their existing systems. Furthermore, SourceTap provides on-site training to teach administrators and technology professionals best practices for managing data and maintaining information such as accounts and contacts.

SourceTap’s Hosted and On-Site Installed CRM Solutions

Reagan Lancaster is an innovation-driven executive in Dallas, Texas, who heads a number of financial and commercial entities through Tige Investments. Among the firms managed by Reagan Lancaster through Tige Investments is SourceTap, a data-management company, whose products and services include a cutting-edge, open-source, customer-relationship-management (CRM) system. The sales force automation solution features diverse capabilities, spanning marketing, sales, and support, that enable leads and accounts to be effectively managed. In addition, the system offers tools to sales teams that enable them to share data and generate precise forecasts.

SourceTap offers clients the option of either on-site installations or SAAS. The latter option is ideal for smaller enterprises that do not have major infrastructure in place and that only need to meet the requirements of a set user base. Larger companies benefit from SourceTap’s ability to integrate its CRM product with existing corporate systems and to service a much larger number of users. The firm offers clients the option of scaling up to on-site installation as their requirements outgrow the limitations of hosted systems.

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