In the bookmakers are Brazil and Spain fifa 14 coins who lead the tables trying to anticipate who will be the winner of the 2014 World Cup which will be held in Brazil.FIFA 14 Coins IOS .But EA Sports has nothing to say since FIFA 14, the most popular football video game in the world, has given his predictions and has placed Germany as the world champion.

The company has today published a prediction for execution based on a simulation-game tournament. After running the simulation of the 32 teams, the team with more chances to win in real life proved Germany .

" EA was able to simulate the 2014 World Cup in FIFA and test all 32 teams under the same conditions they would face in the coming weeks in Brazil , " said the American company. "We determined that Germany will defeat Brazil 2-1 July 13 to win the fourth World Cup for the country, becoming the first European country to win the Cup on South American soil. "

EA said that four years ago, the company "accurately predicted that Spain would retain the championship tournament. " In that time, Spain was considered a favorite to win the World Cup .

Other data has thrown FIFA 14 is the scoring champion of the tournament will Neymar da Silva Santos Junior local selection since recorded six goals. Andres Iniesta of Spain would be the author of the best goal of the World Cup and performed against the England.

FIFA also released a special version of the game for the World Cup but this was not released for New Generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox more: Cheap FIFA 14 Coins