Food Additives

There are many different types of food additives. These are things that are added to food to improve the flavor, appearance, or preserve the food. They have been used for many years, but some may have some health effects.

Some food additives have been used for many years, including using vinegar for pickles, salting for bacon, and using sulfur dioxide for wines. Nowadays, factory-made foods use lots of chemicals to help the foods they make. Some of these chemicals include acesulfame-potassium, aloe vera, and color dyes (including Blue 1, Blue 2, Citrus Red 2, etc.).

These chemicals all have been found to have a link to cancer somehow. It has been disputed many times whether they do or not, but often in lab tests on rats, a link has been found. Acesulfame-potassium was tested in the 1970's by the FDA and two rat tests suggested a link to cancer. Although all of these additives have been tested numerous times, they all appear in our foods frequently.

Going organic can help prevent these chemicals from being put inside our body. 95% of organic foods must be organic, and there are strict regulations that were created in 1990 to make sure that organic food farmers abide by their word. These foods must be free of artificial food additives and are not processed as much as nonorganic food. They can have pesticides, though, as long as they are not synthetic. They are regulated and must be organic certified to be considered organic. Some foods are trying to be more conscious of what they use as their ingredients.

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