Rebecca Walldorff

Well Versed in Washington Politics

About Rebecca Walldorff

An experienced public affairs consultant, Rebecca Walldorff assists clients in overcoming political and regulatory barriers as a partner with Quorum Strategies, a Washington, D.C., advisory firm. Before assuming her current position, she served as a deputy vice president with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, where she managed a media campaign to bolster support for the Affordable Care Act. In her leadership role, Rebecca Walldorff oversaw over a dozen consultants and other professionals.

Early in her career, Rebecca Walldorff gained hands-on political experience as the Connecticut deputy state director and field coordinator of the Clinton-Gore 1996 presidential campaign. Her responsibilities included budget oversight of several campaign offices and coordination of key get-out-the-vote initiatives. After Bill Clinton and Al Gore were reelected, Walldorff joined Ricchetti & Associates, Inc., a lobbying firm, before she became a special assistant to the deputy chief of staff and a senior legislative aide at the White House.

In recent years, Walldorff participated in the Georgetown University Corporate Leadership Training Program in Washington, D.C.

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