Rebecca Woods

Dedicated to helping people of all socioeconomic statuses and ethnical diversities, Rebecca Woods worked for an organization committed in providing emergency services to the less fortunate members of the Maui, Hawaii community for 11 years. Initially, she served as a case manager with the organization and primarily aided the city's homeless population. Tending to veterans, families, and individuals with chemical dependency, mental illness and individuals with disabilities,she taught them self-sufficiency skills that assisted them in becoming productive members of the community. Moreover, Rebecca Woods coordinated programs that brought her clients and the community together.

After spending a year as Deputy Director of Emergency and Transitional Shelter Programs, Woods accepted numerous other responsibilities aimed at bettering the lives of people throughout Maui. Veterans benefited from her oversight of the local VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) program, as well as the Veterans Employment Support Program for women who have served their country. Her purview also included managing emergency and transitional shelters, in addition to other resource centers. She bolstered her initiatives by obtaining financing from county, state, and federal governments through the State Homeless Programs and Economic Development Initiative. Furthermore, she served as a leasing officer for one of Maui County's largest privately owned, affordable housing rental complexes.

Hiking Trails On Maui

Rebecca Woods, a former resident of Maui, Hawaii, spent more than a decade working with several of the island's community assistance programs. In addition to dedicating her time to helping others, Rebecca Woods enjoys staying active by walking and hiking.

The island of Maui provides visitors and year-round residents with a number of options for scenic hikes of varying length and difficulty. ‘Iao Valley State Park offers 4,000 acres of beautiful forest for hikers to explore and features a 0.6 mile paved trail that provides access to the ‘Iao Needle, a famous natural rock formation.

Hikers interested in a longer journey can visit Polipoli Spring State Recreational Area and Forest Reserve, where trails range in length from half a mile to seven miles. With an average elevation of 7,000 feet, each trail at Polipoli imparts a stunning view of Maui’s South Shore as well as some of Hawaii’s outer islands.

Finally, the five mile Waihee Ridge Trail in Wailuku presents advanced hikers with a route as difficult as it is visually spectacular. Hikers who manage to reach the trail’s end at Lanilili Peak will gain a 1,500 foot vantage of the surrounding Waihee Valley, an immense waterfall, and the Pacific Ocean.