Georgia Rocks!

By: Brody & Gabe

Where did the Battle of Chickamauga take place and what is it about?

Luckily, the awesome battle of Chickamuga took place in the place i'm talking about, and it took place in Georgia! The bloody Battle was one of the most goriest battles in the Civil War. It was also the last major win for the Confederates.  It makes Georgia's history a better thing to read about!

This is only the first Q&A, so it's only getting started!

As you can see, these are some pictures from a coke factory from Atlanta!

Where is the Coke factory and where is Atlanta?

Well, like I said, The coke factory is located in Atlanta. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, which is also home to the Atlanta Falcons. It is near Stone Mountain Park, which is also in the peachy state.

Are there any fun facts of the wonderful state?

Why, what a good question! here are 3 fun facts of Georgia!
  • Georgia is ranked 3rd in peach production!
  • Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta,Georgia!
  • Georgia is home to the Atlanta Falcons!

Do you have a slogan?

Yes we do! Here it is: Georgia Is the peach-a-rific state!

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