mLearning Tools k-12

With more focus on Junior high and high school uses

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Socrative is an app where students can be assessed. It shows students progress in real time and create data reports afterwards.


Quick questions if you need to ask a quick question on the go to all students. This could be as simple as a yes or no vote for doing a classroom activity.

Online math quiz. You can set up questions that are multiple choice, true or false or short answer. If many students are getting the same question wrong you will be able to see that in real time and give a little explanation to help the students through that question.


It can be used as a mind mapping tool for students to brainstorm and plan, visualize concepts, make a study guide ect. Students can work individually or together and learn how to organize their ideas, study for a test or create a project.


Students could be asked to make a study guide for their final exam and work on it throughout the year. This app is accessible anywhere on any device so throughout the year the students will be able to work on it at home, at school or even on the school bus with wifi !


There are so many "how to" videos available on Youtube, and basically any other type of video you would like. From learning how to write a poem in english, to learning a new math concept, to learning how to bake cookies!


Students who are struggling could have this app and learn a lot from it. They can look up a certain concept they are not understanding and they will find many videos on that specific subject made by other educators. They great thing about this is that everyone has different teaching methods as well as learning methods so if a student is not understanding a way their teacher presents it, maybe someone on youtube will be teaching in a different way to better understand.

Mathematical Formulas

This app is a dictionary of math formulas. Although it does costs 1.19 on the apple store, I think it would be worth it to have all of the math formulas in the same place.


Students could use this for reference while doing homework or assignments. Each time the student has to copy down the formula for a question, they could make sure it is correct with the app. Eventually they would not have to check and it would be embedded in their memory! Much better than having to carry around a text book and flip through hundreds of pages while looking for a simple formula.

Free GraCalc

Just like in the name, this is a free graphing calculator available for iphone and ipads. This is great because it has much more features than a calculator and students are much more formulaic with their iPhones than they are with a graphing calculator. This would not be very useful during tests though because it would be easy to cheat.


Students could use the calculator to graph up to 4 equations at the same time. They could use it at home, as long as they had an iPad or Iphone, to do their homework.

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