Rebound Brooklyn

Addition Recovery Treatment in NYC

About Rebound Brooklyn

Rebound Brooklyn provides addiction recovery treatment in New York City. The program provides three levels of care to suit varied client needs throughout the recovery process. Offerings include a full-time, supervised program for intensive detoxification and treatment, an intensive five-day outpatient program, and a three-day intensive or two-night residential option. In addition, staff members are available two evenings a week for recovering clients with daytime commitments.

At Rebound Brooklyn, clients engage in both clinical programming and other supplemental activities that promote recovery. Activities focus on self-care, financial management, daily living skills, and medication safety. The organization believes that teaching clients to achieve and maintain an intoxicant-free life in their own home environment is vital to long-term success. As Rebound Brooklyn clients graduate and move into self-managed recovery, they develop new skills that help them understand their own addictive behaviors and find support when they need it.

Rebound Brooklyn provides structured, yet flexible approaches, which can be tailored to each individual’s recovery needs. More about the organization and the services it offers is available online at