Come to Greece!

We've rebuilt the land.

Love well built structures made for a purpose? Well we've got just the thing for you! We have columns honoring our gods,and these columns help hold up the buildings! they can take years to build so they are pretty detailed.

Do you LOVE the theater? Well that's good because we have performances that go on for days! Don't forget all the actors are men.Also,if you have trouble picking what type of performance you want to see its much easier here because we only have two types Tragedies and Comedies.

You like the Olympics? We literally invented them! It honors our gods.But, make sure you get here at the right time because they only come around every 4 years. Also, make sure you don't cheat if your in the games there could be some serious punishments for you if you do so.

So, If you're loving all those great thinkers your in luck because we have many philosophers working on new ideas each day. Some examples of people are,Sokrates,Aristole,and Plato.

And just thought it couldn't get any better it can! WE have some of the best thinkers in Greece! These people are always thinking of new thinks like, Geometry,Gods,Atoms,they even came up with the idea of only having four elements,and much more! So come on down and learn a few things!

                                                            SEE YOU THERE!

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