Receptionist Computer Specs

All The Specs For A Receptionist PC...

The PC Shown above is an average PC For a Receptionist, This is made with the cheapest possible parts and has a high grade security software as it has to keep confidential information confidential.

The Main Components In A PC -

Intel Core i3-4370 - This offers just the right power for what they do.

Kingston 2GB DDR2 RAM (KVR667D2N5/2G) -

Seagate 1TB Barracuda Internal Hard Drive - OEM - You'll need a TB HDD To save all of the files onto.

Microsoft Office 2014 - Its the most update version so may come with improvements for a business environment.

Microsoft 600 Wired Desktop Set - Keyboard and Mouse For Inputting Data.

Windows 7 32-bit Professional -

Logitech OEM PC 860 Stereo Headset - You may need a headset so that if you need to use Skype then you can talk with more privacy.

Bullguard Antivirus Software - So that it protects all of the credential information in your PC.

BitFenix Neos Black ATX Mid Tower Case - Any case will do for a computer its just to protect the parts inside it.

Lans and Wans, Topology - Star

When you are using more than one computer you'll need to have a LAN (Local Area Network). The way networks are laid out is referred to as a topology. I recommend a star topology for the recruitment agency because all of the connected computers are individually connected to a central connection point, like a hub or a switch. A star takes more cable than e.g. a bus, but the benefit is that if a cable fails, only one node will be brought down.

Specific Network Components:

Router - The router is the hub of your network as it shares the internet connection between all the wireless or wired devices around the home...

Switch - A switch comes in the same box as a router. When a data packet is sent from one computer the switch allows the information to be filters and send to specific computers.

NIC - Network Interface Card (you can also get wireless network interface cards). Network interface cards allow one computer to be connected to another. Each computer will needs it own NIC.

Software Licences

Open Source - Open source software is software whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. for an example wikipedia . The source code is the part of software that most computer users don't read read the code computer programmers can change how a piece of software a program or application works.

Multi User - Multi-user Means an operating system or application software which can be shared between several devices without having to buy it again. You can use this in a business or a school where you have multiple computers and therefore is cheaper but you can’t copy and distribute it to others.
Single User - A single user license grants one user the ability/right to use the software package. This means that say if someone bought a windows software only you can access it, you are not allowed to share it as the software still belongs to someone else ,where as you have only bought it for YOU to use on YOUR computer/laptop. A single user license DOES NOT allow you to change the source code of the software that you have bought.

Benefits of Software Registration

Software registration is where you will/might get an email which takes you to a page to verify that your the owner of the software and once that done you can proceed to downloading it.

Benefits -

Access Internet

Software Update

Tech Support

Implications -

System Performance

Not Have Specific Requirements

Loss Of Service

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