How to Create Your Recipe Card with Tackk

-Technology Test Kitchen-

  1. Go to and log-in or create your free account.
  2. Click on the green pencil icon in the top right.
  3. Select "Blank Canvas" (or any other Tackk template) to get started.
  4. To add a title, click the "Headline" icon in the black content bar. And then type your headline (title of your recipe) into the headline box.
  5. To add a step-by-step instructions about your recipe, click the "Text" icon in the black content toolbar. Click in the box and start typing. To make additional text editing options appear (bold, italics, bullet/numbered list, or hyperlink), highlight your text and make your selection from the pop up window.
  6. To add an image or a video to your recipe card, select the image or video option from the black content toolbar. Then click and drag the content in your preferred sequence.
  7. To customize the look/feel of your recipe:
  • Click on "Colors" button (looks like a palette) in the right column and then select "Squares" or "Palettes" to change the colors.
  • Click on the "Fonts" button (looks like an "A") to change the font.
  • Click on the "Patterns" button (looks like a"Paint roller") to select a background pattern.

     8.  Click on the "Options" button (Important step!!):

  • Under "Tackkboards," type TTK (important step!)
  • If you prefer, you may add a personalized URL in the "Tackk URL" box
  • Click the green "Publish Tackk" button

  10.  At the top of the right column, click on the "Share" button (looks like an arrow emerging from a box).  Select your share method or just copy/paste the URL at the top of the screen.