Congratulations on starting the Recorder!

How Do I Hold This Thing?

The head (top part) of the recorder typically has a logo for the maker of the instrument. The logo should face out, away from your body. On the bottom, the front of the instrument has seven holes. The back has one hole. When the instrument is assembled correctly, the logo and the seven holes will be lined up in one straight line.

Hold the recorder with your left hand on top. This is a standard rule for ALL woodwind instruments. Place your left thumb on the hole at the back. Place your first three fingers on the first three holes nearest to the top. Your left pinky will not cover a hole. For now, your right hand will not do any work. Please take your thumb and first finger from your right hand and use them to steady the bell (lowest point at the very bottom).

Your First Sounds and Your First Song!

What Is A Recorder?

A recorder is a small flute that is descended from ancient flutes, primarily from Asia. The recorder enjoyed widespread popularity during the Renaissance and Baroque Periods. It is now a staple of elementary music classrooms. The recorder comes in many sizes. Students in our school begin by learning the soprano recorder. You will need to purchase your recorder(s) from the music teacher at school. It is NOT acceptable to purchase your recorder from another family or at another store. Please contact the music teacher if you have questions about how or where to purchase a soprano recorder.

Why Are We Doing This?

Music is made in all kinds of ways! Musicians express themselves by singing, playing instruments, and moving. Musical instruments are divided into three main categories: Percussion, Strings, and Winds. As an elementary student, you have lots of experience with singing. You have also played many different kinds of percussion instruments in class. The recorder is your first wind instrument. The recorder is an easy way to begin. Later in your education, you will be given an opportunity to choose another instrument to play if you wish. If you choose a woodwind instrument, you will find that many of the skills you have learned on recorder will help you as you play your new instrument!