Firesuite - Red World

Cognitive Dissonance Records

"It’s refreshing to find bands out there still being noisy, personal and impossible for your parents to understand" - Drunken Werewolf

"A band that consistently makes sweeping, gorgeous songs – complex and layered, noisy with feedback yet aurally pleasing." - Echoes and Dust

Firesuite released a digital single once a month for three months, starting with Rabbit in August, followed by Undo in September and culminating with Red World in October. These were then combined into a five track EP which was released in November on Cognitive Dissonance Records. The EP is available as a limited edition CD with accompanying artwork by Matthew Ferguson, who was recently commissioned by Marvel Comics to design the artwork for The Avengers special edition Blu Ray set.

Fronted and formed by Chris Anderson, alongside Chris Minor, Sarah Griffiths, Stuart Longden & Richard Storer, Firesuite are an ongoing musical endeavour born out of the desire to create something loud & hugely affecting. Writting big, emotion-laden tracks characterised by beautiful vocals and calculated changes of pace; Firesuite occupy a territory on the musical spectrum somewhere between the guitar attack of grunge and the dense wall of sound of shoegaze. Their debut album, 'You're An Ocean Deep, My Brother' was released in March 2011 to widespread acclaim, leading to the band performing at Tramlines Festival and recording two BBC live sessions.

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Cognitive Dissonance Records aims to uncover the most interesting, beautiful and extraordinary things  happening in new music. We focus on bands who we truly believe are doing something different and whose music makes us want to leave them on repeat for all time.