Red Queen
BY: Victoria Aveyard

Summary: Mare Barrows lives in a world divided not by the color of people's skin, but by the color of their blood.  Reds are the normal people, they have no special abilities, are always hungry and are the lowest of the low. Silvers are at the top of everything, they are the rich, the royal, and the most powerful.

Mare Barrows is a Red, a low life, stealing anything she can get her hands on to help her family survive against the terrible living conditions the Silvers have provided. As Mare is caught stealing, she is introduced to a mysterious young man who will change her world from a run down shack, to the royal palace itself, where she discovers she has a gift of her own. But her blood is red...

Review:  This book is full of suspense and intrigue, and a change of fate you will never forget.