Reducing Negative Customer Impact With A Crisis Hotline

No matter how large or small a business is, an unexpected problem can cause major issues that can impact customers, many of whom don't care why there was a problem, just that they were inconvenienced. Since there is no way to prevent all problems from happening, the best way to keep customers from having a less than satisfactory experience is to deal with problems as soon as they occur.

One way that businesses can stay on top of any crisis is to use ServiceCheck's QALink program. QALink provides organizations a quality assurance hotline that allows their employees to report problems as well as providing them with assistance in resolving issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. The crisis hotline is available to a company's staff 24/7/365, so no matter when a problem develops, they will still be able to get the help they need.

It is crucial that staff is able to identify and address problems when management is not around. Emergencies that occur in the middle of the day can be just as problematic as those that occur in the middle of the night, but without QALink, late night problems will often go unaddressed until the following day. In addition to potentially allowing problems to get worse, there is less time to find a resolution that lessens or eliminates customer impact.

By taking advantage of QALink, employees of an organization are able to reach out for assistance in a number of ways, including live agents, the Internet and through email. Once a problem has been identified, the issue is logged and tracked until a resolution has been found. If any other locations may be impacted by whatever has occurred, contact will be made and they will be updated as progress is made.

QALink enables businesses to improve the way they handle unexpected problems in a manner that can reduce liability, costs and even fallout to customers.

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