Avery's Reflection Page

This page is used for reflecting and keeping any other thoughts and questions.

9 - 23 - 2013 I think I am doing okay with Context Clues but I should keep working on it. The chart helpful because it helps me work on Context Clues..

How do you feel about using context clues? Do you feel that you have learned how to use them? Do you need more practice? Should we continue to work on them? Why don't we have any post-its to review? :(

I feel ok about them and make a new goal. We should keep working really hard at it. I will get a post-it up there before we meet again.

The two goals we completed today were Context Clues and Purpose for Reading.

I feel confident in using Context Clues and Purpose for Reading.

The next goal we are working on is Making Predictions.

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