a reflection in questions

In the age of Google, do we really need to know anything? Is it about knowing or is about learning and applying? Are we teaching "just in case" or developing "just in time" knowledge construction and creation?

"learning is the new skill. imagination, creation and asking new questions are its core...is knowing obsolete?" - Sugata Mitra

Is this a liberating notion or a scary one for educators and society as a whole? Why are some having such difficulty adjusting to this shift? What's the real difference between knowing and learning?

"more interesting than thinking about what's possible in ten years is thinking about what's possible now but that no one has built?" - Clay Shirky

Have we reached a stage where the means of access to technology afford anyone the chance to be a maker and creator? Do we underestimate the ability to affect change in the now? How do we foster this maker mindset where kids are empowered to experiment, create and refine? Are we using irrelevant and outdated frameworks to assess our kids? Are we under-valuing the diversity of understanding in our classrooms? Are we recognizing possibilities in our kids or hyper-focusing on deficits?

what do you think?