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Bristol Hugs Refugees and Asylum Seekers to Support and Welcome Them

After hearing how they fled violence and persecution and came to this country scared and alone, people in Bristol showed their solidarity by embracing asylum seekers and refugees in a hug.

"We opened our arms to the people in Bristol and to the whole country and a lot of people gave us a hug and we want to continue to ask everyone to give us a hug"

Esam Amin, one of the organisers of the hug protest (@Bristol_Dawn)

Supported by Borderlands Charity, we invite you to join them.

"Now whilst the government is talking about axing the human rights act, we want to encourage you to stand up and take the first action in protecting our country and our city's role as a place of safety and sanctuary. Please join our hug protest. . ."

So much can be said with a hug...

There were also signs to protest against the UK asylum policy, particularly indefinite detention and the new immigration bill, and signs saying asylum seekers are human beings, not illegal and they have the right to live in peace and safety like everyone else.

Bristol Celebrates Refugees

The hugging took place at the Celebrating Sanctuary festival the launch event of Bristol Refugee Week celebrations. Refugee week lasts until June 22nd and events are taking place across the whole of UK, with June 20th being World Refugee Day.

If you live in Bristol you can support asylum seekers and refugees further by getting involved with Borderlands, the Bristol Defend Asylum Seekers Campaign, Bristol Refugee Rights and the new Bristol Immigration Detention Campaign.

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