"My maternal grandmother, Viola Crawford Larry, of strong Native American Cherokee and Scottish stocks once said, 'Sometimes you see the light and, sometimes you pray to see more light.' These days, I pray to see more light! - asking the Father above for wisdom, understanding and courage through 'FAITH' - forging ahead into the haze..."


By Ronnie C. Wright

A Poem

I write and share this poem with you because I want you to know - I walk the narrow path with a daily hope - "to see more light..."


Now the light at the end of tunnel shines bright,
the source of wisdom and understanding,
on whose power the vessel is filled
as the spirit of love the heart is opened,
glowing for the next faithful step.
The path is narrow. The path is long,
and through the journey on the path the life is meaningful, genuine, eternal.
It is in and it is deeper than the river of inward blood -
much more than the day sparked with conflict
we are led courageously through the muddy water.
We wait patiently for the evidence not seen,
and endless promise to rest in the arms of forever
pouring out of the word over the ages.
Love is unconditional,
so we push on, seeking this love in the day and the night,
carefully holding the lamp at our feet and in our hearts.
After all the toils,
we see more than before on the horizon.
The sweet voice is there for thee. The voice inspires us to knock.
And reaching for the loving hand,
we see in the dark and know all is well -
this sign, this straight road is the way,
forever long from blindness to sight -
and, leading from strength and delivering the joy,
this Father and Creator, the start of this walk, this hope,
and its precious promise
saved the sinner in this world.
The Source tells us, be not afraid
the time for honor is now. The bridge for peace
extended to all who are true believers.
In this space,
the seeker gains more faith.
We, grasp the hand that is holy.
With more spirit than before,
carrying his shield and armor!
The Power sees all, knows all and loves all.
And so it is,
the Shepard leading his flock.
He asked us to seek.
He asked us to be - people to spread the good news,
with faith to be our guide,
with prayer, lifted inside the doubt,
he who walked with humble stride,
rose and continues to rise without fright,
and forever turns to him for strength.
This day brings a bright picture to mind,
a big, bold, brilliant, far reaching moment,
that saved lost souls from past and future - now.
In seasons when we all need peace of mind,
Make the time to stop, kneel and rest, in comfort
casting off the fears in the haze.
To see more light.

© 2014, Ronnie C. Wright
From: See More Light
Publisher: Stayfine Books, Beverly Hills, CA 90210