England: A Look at its Social Issues

A class project in Mr. Smith's English 10 at Cardinal Newman HS

Project Overview

Project Proposal

Name: Julia Reilly

Period: 2nd

Nation of your choice: England

Rationale: I think I know a lot about this country because I've been there before, but it'll be interesting to find things that I don't know about.

Summary: I have family and friends in England so we go quite often. My first trip was when I was four years old and I've been a few times after that. I've seen almost everything, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, the museums, and I have even been inside Big Ben, where my uncle works in the Parliament, which is like their government.  

Prediction  : I think I'll discover much more, about social, government issues, and how much they are the same but different from America.

Discussion (of the importance of this nation in your life or the global community):

New York Times Topics:  England

#1 They Say, I Say

Student Name: Julia Reilly

Period: 2nd

Title of article: "Students in Britain Are Drawn to U.S. Colleges"

Title of newspaper: New York Times

Essay Author: D. D. Guttenplan

Date of Publication: Oct. 6, 2013

Essay main idea/thesis statement: British students are ditching going to university nearby and wanting to go across the Atlantic to get the American college experience.  

Quote: Guttenplan states that. "...Oxford University's decision not to admit Laura Spence, a straight-A graduate from state-funded high school in the north of England...Ms. Spence took up a full scholarship to Harvard instead."

Comment: I think it's interesting that Laura Spence did not get into Oxford, one of the most prestigious schools in Britain, but got into Harvard, the best college in America. Plus, she got a full scholarship there, which is almost unheard of from Harvard. In the article he states, "Britain's ancient universities admit a higher proportion of their applicants than any of the Ivy League colleges in the United States."

#2 They Say, I Say

Student Name: Julia Reilly

Period: 2nd

Title of article: "Britain to Sign £3.5 Billion Deal With General Dynamics for Armored Vehicles":

Essay Author: Reuters

Essay main idea/thesis statement: The British government said it would sign a deal worth £3.5 billion (about $5.8 billion) on Wednesday with General Dynamics for new armored fighting vehicles, its biggest single order for such vehicles in over 30 years.

Quote: The author states that, "Prime Minister David Cameron will sign the defense contract for 589 new armored fighting vehicles to strengthen Britain’s armed forces as he sets off to host the two-day NATO summit in Wales that begins on Thursday,"

Comment: In this article it explains how Great Britain is starting to its forces when it comes to war. The building of these vehicles will provide more jobs for the citizens and will take until 2017 to finish the 589 armoured vehicles.

#3 The Big 5

Title of article: "Banksy's New Art"

Title of newspaper: New York Times

Essay Author: Christopher D. Shea

Date of Publication: November 7th, 2015

1. AUDIENCE AND PURPOSE: This article was written by Christopher D. Shea. It was written for people who like the artist 'Banksy' and follow his art works. The author wrote it because Banksy affected Great Britain and is now showing his artwork in other countries.

2. CONTENT AND THEME: This is about Banksy's look on the Israeli's and Palestinian's. He already paints art for other world tragedies and this was one of his more global ones. The author's message is focusing on problems in the world and how Banksy recognized it.

3. TONE AND MOOD: The mood of this article is very forward and informative. He uses a lot of quotes from the author, but doesn't share his own opinion, he uses very important quotes and draws you to learn more about Banksy.

4. STYLISTIC DEVICES: I think this article shows both figurative speech and analogy. he shows figurative speech by explaining the silhouette of a group of children swinging around a forbidding watch tower and a picture of a cat. The analogy of the article is when he describes the conflict with the powerful and the powerless.

5. STRUCTURE: It is a syndicated article that comes from the New York Times. It is a precise short article and is also a journalist report.

#4 The Big 5

Title of article: "These Days Surf's Up on Cornwall's Northern Coast"

Title of newspaper: New York Times

Essay Author: Jennifer Conlin

Date of Publication: August 14th, 2005

1. AUDIENCE AND PURPOSE: This article was written by Jennifer Conlin. It was written for the beach lovers of England, who really don't get out surfing as much as they would like to. She wrote it to please those who live the beach knowing maybe this summer England could get some good surfing days.

2. CONTENT AND THEME: Colin explains how if anyone walking through Paddington station can see tons of women and men wearing their rip curl wetsuits and have their surfboards at hand. The author's message is to inform people that in England you don't get many sunny days so use them wisely. Go to the beach with family and friends, go surf or swim.

3. TONE AND MOOD: The tone is very joyous. Since you normally don't see many people going to the beaches in England, it's a sight to see. If you walk through London on a hot day, everyone seems happy to be able to be outside.

4. STYLISTIC DEVICES: The author uses figurative speech by describing the atmosphere around the beaches as people surf all day. She also uses analogy explaining what it's like on a regular day on the beach, and comparing it to a hot summer day in England.

5. STRUCTURE: It is a syndicated article. The author is writing a journalist article from a journalist's point of view. She is reporting the happenings of what goes on at the beach.

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2 years ago

I like the article on English students who are looking at American school. I find this article interesting because we are looking to go to these counties and at the same the students are looking to come to America. Very well done on this page it looks very professional.

2 years ago

I enjoyed reading the article on english students shoe are looking at american schools.

2 years ago

I like how you when in depth about all your topics

2 years ago

The telephone booth picture was really great and that is very interesting that British students want to go to American schools so badly