"The Tell-Tale Heart"

In this story, we have the opportunity to examine many different types of conflict. See if you can spot them all.

The Reading

We will begin by reading "The Tell-Tale Heart." As you complete the first reading, take time to predict what you think will happen. Also stop to clarify words that you you don't know.

The Discussion

In class, we will have some time for open discussion of the story to be sure that everyone understands.  We will highlight the most important aspects of the story and share out reactions to the story with others.

The Assignment 1

In small groups, please discuss and answer the following questions. Create and share your responses in a Google file titled "Tell Tale Heart." Share with me and all group members.

1. The writer uses all of the elements of a short story to create a feeling for the reader. What kind of feeling is this? Use details from the story to support your answer.

2. Create a plot timeline of the main events in this story. Be sure to include the exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution (denouement).

3. We have talked about irony. What is it and how is it used in this story? Give specific examples from the text to support your answer.

The Assignment 2

We will view the short video representation of Poe's classic work of literature.  After viewing the video, you will again return to your Google groups to compare and contrast the text to the film.  Remember to keep your comparisons and contrasts balanced and relevant.