A Transitioning Economy

The Lowell System was the use of vertical integration, machine power, and mass production to improve efficiency. An example of the new use of machinery is the sewing machine, invented by Elias Howe, this machine greatly reduced the human effort required to sew. These innovations started The Market Revolution, which was characterized by a demand for cheap consumable goods, and an economy dictated by this demand. One of the only forces slowing this revolution was The Cult of Domesticity, which kept women out of the workplace because they were supposed to be lady-like.

The image shows the use of a cotton gin. Although the use of this innovation is improving production, it is only benefiting the PATRIARCHY.

This is a letter crediting Eli Whitney with ushering in a new era of abundance.

Bonus Knowledge:

The market revolution created its own labor pool by making traditional agricultural jobs obsolete.

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