Religions at Peace

*Promoting Harmony and Happiness*
Pragna. Catherine, Pooja, Sehrish, Asha, Amruta

It's Ridiculously Simple.

All children play with each other regardless of religion.

Children are humans.

Adults are humans.

Adults can get along with each other, regardless of religion.

When we go to a school, we see children of different races and
religions playing with each other. These children don't care about
which god or deity others believe in, they look at what's on the
inside. If children can do this, then surely it's possible for adults.

Grown-ups are supposedly more responsible than children, so being able
to get along with people of different religions shouldn't be such a
big problem. If people start looking at what's inside someone's heart, we will be able to have world peace.

Religion has the been the primary cause of conflict and death, more than anything else in history. People kill other innocent people claiming to do it in "the name of God." Wars, battles, gunfire. Deaths of innocent civilians.

Is that what God wanted you to do?

People always say that their religion says to love everyone. But this is the opposite of what we are doing. God never said to hate others because of religion. Jehovah never said to hurt others. Allah never said to give pain to others. Jesus never said to fight others because of differences. Everyone is supposed to love each other equally.

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