Fostering Home/School Connections
with Remind

What is Remind?

Remind (formerly known as Remind101) is a free, safe and simple way for educators to instantly text-message students, parents and other educators. Educators can send the Remind messages from their computer or free smartphone app, and students and parents can receive them on ANY device, including "flip" phones.

Educators can also schedule messages to go out in advance, and attach photos, files, and Voice Clips to their messages. Messaging is safe because phone numbers are kept private (texts do NOT come from your phone number), and a recorded history transcript is kept for all messages.

Why Use Remind?

What are Some Key Features?

How Do You Join a Remind Class?

  • Parents and students over 13 can text a class code to 81010.
  • The teacher can invite people via phone number or email address.
  • Teachers can also give parents and students a link.
  • If you have a Remind account already, you can join a class with the class code and the Join A Class button in the app or on the web.

Try joining one of Lucy's PD classes. Pick one class and choose a method.

How Do You Create a Class?

  • Use Remind on field trips or within student travel programs to communicate with parents.
  • Flip the learning by sharing videos and other resources.
  • Give shoutouts to students or fellow staff members.
  • Create a class for fellow educators and push out PD resources.
  • Communicate with substitute teachers or provide plans to students when you are absent.
  • Create a class for colleagues when attending a conference and use it as a backchannel.
  • Have students record world language clips in the app with voice recordings and chat them to you.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for students or families as a homework or class activity.
  • Capture photos and send to parents with a question they can ask their child when the student gets home.
  • Sharing the titles of the monthly read aloud books with parents.
  • Administrators can hold a "Ask Me Anything" activity via Chat with anyone in the school community.
  • Use Remind for Twitter chat reminders.
  • Hold office hours before a big project is due.
  • Embed your Remind class in a blog or wiki.

You can add a class from web or app as a teacher. You can have up to 100 classes in your account.

  1. Web: Click the (+) Add a class button below "Classes owned." You will be prompted to choose a class name, class code, and a few other details.
  2. App: To add a class in the app, click the classes tab, you can then click the (+) icon next to Classes Owned. There, you will be able to choose your class name and code.

What are Some Creative Uses?

Ideas from Remind Connected Educators

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