A Friendly Reminder

T-minus 14 hours until recruitment! Who's excited? I have provided a few tips to help make your recruitment experience a little more enjoyable. While most are common sense, a friendly reminder can never hurt! Trust me from experience, take these tips to heart--they really work. I should know, I've been in your shoes...TWICE! Goodnight and good luck!

1. You're never fully dressed without a SMILE!

Smiling will let the sororities know that you are excited and interested.

2. Engage in conversation

This is not a game of 20 questions--the actives are not holding an interrogation. Ask questions, give genuine answers. The best way to make yourself stand out is by having memorable conversations.

3. No gum

The last thing you want is for it getting stuck in someones hair!

4. booze, boys, buddha, bills

Stay away from all topics involving partying/alcohol, boys/frats, religion, and politics.

5. Be yourself!

If you remember anything I say, remember this: BE YOURSELF. If you are not yourself, the girls you are talking to will notice and they will feel uncomfortable, thus, causing them not to be themselves. I cannot stress enough how important this is. As long as you are genuine, sororities are going to fall in love with your quirky, happy, funny, smart personality.