Removing Conversion Roadblocks with a Website Audit

Sometimes you spend tons of research and hours in designing a website but fail to get anything solid out of it! Why that is and what are the faults that are keeping you tied to the ground? You are clueless now, but the moment you get a website audit done you will know more and have more actionable insights to make necessary changes.

Website auditing can be largely broken up into two parts:

Assets that are visible

Every word, image and script on your website speaks for you. Everything you put in your website has to contribute to making your brand better in one way or other. When a business grows big it gets difficult to keep it all streamlined and consistent. It is no short of a disaster if your viewers see two different versions of your logo on the website! Also, badly written copy really hurts your website and its standing among viewers. Get a Web designing company to carry out an audit of your website and find every instance of content-blunder on your website – be it words, graphics or images.

Assets that work behind the scene

Some factors that work behind the scene to make your website keep working flawlessly are extremely technical stuff that can’t be figured out unless you are technically savvy, which is a tall ask if you are clueless as to what drives your website. Now, this is as important as the stuff people see upfront. This is exactly where web developing companies come to the scene. Improved technical aspects make your website even better to browse and use. Mobile use of internet and websites has already taken over and things have changed a fair bit. Here is what you will get from a comprehensive website audit.

  • A better understanding of search engine visibility

Search engines are stressing a lot on how well the site has been constructed and how much effort you have put in to make the website mobile friendly. These factors are crucial to get your site ranked high on the search engine results page.

  • A clearer ‘performance’ picture

Assets in your website have to be optimized for faster load times. Are all the scripts and pages optimized to load faster and better? Only an experienced web developing company can give you a better idea of where you are missing out. Every single scope of improvement can be explored but all of that has to be preceded with an exhaustive website audit.

Author Bio: Planning to hire a Web designing company? Read this first so you don’t make the same mistake all over again.