Secrets in the fire

Sophia's Journey

Character Profiles

  • Mama Lydia
  • Maria
  • Lydia

Mama Lydia

Mama Lydia is the mother of Sophia and Maria. One day when the family were asleep a pack of bandits came in and killed the villagers, the family survived but mama Lydia decided that it would be best and safest if thing was to move, so they walked with an old lady but the old lady passed away so they kept walking and they found a place to live. Through out the story Lydia becomes upset and traumatised because her daughters get injured by a land mine. Also Maria dies of having internal bleeding and external injuries so Lydia becomes very upset. After Sophia comes home from being at the Hospitals, mama Lydia has a new Partner and a newborn child, Lydia comes back for Sophia and tells her that the mean man she called her partner was gone, the police had taken him away because he stole money and he was told not to return home. Overall mama Lydia has had a pretty sad, unhappy, traumatising experience, but it all turned out alright.


Maria was part of mama and lydia's life for a long time. maria and sophia are sisters and very close, after she moved with her mum and sister because of the horrible men they called bandits, Sophia and Maria started going back to school and worked in the fields. One day Sophia came up to her with a beautiful white dress and gave it too her. Maria treasured this dress. She wore it everywhere and never wanted to take it off, but one day on they're way to the fields, Sophia and Maria were mucking around knocking into each other, when Sophia slipped and accidentally stepped on a land mine, when the town people found the girls, they were seriously injured. Sophia's leg had to be amputated and Maria had internal bleeding. She spent her last days of life in a hospital, but unfortunately she died, hand in hand with her beautiful sister.


Sophias journey was exact same as her sister maria's and her mothers, Lydia. Except she went through allot more, after the land mine accident with maria and then maria's death. Sophia had to move to a different hospital where she stayed out side over night in a wheel chair out front of the hospital, there she received a plastic pair of false legs to help her to walk again. The hospital was very poor, they had spring beds without mattresses and very little meals. but she saved up so she could go home and see her mumma Lydia again. When she saved up enough money to get a truck to go see mumma, she went and found out that mumma Lydia had found a new partner and a newborn baby. So Sophia returned back to the hospital because she found she was not welcome and not loved enough in her hometown. One day an old man named Totio came to see her, he offered for her to return home so she could take over his job of sewing so he could retire and she could send him a bit of money time to time. Sophia thought about it and Totio left so she could have time to think. Next thing you know was mumma Lydia had come back for Sophia. She had told her she got rid of her partner, he had been arrested for stealing money. So Sophia came back with her mum, worked in the small hut sewing peoples clothes, back in her village.


This story has an amount of mixed emotions, it is very sad but it also becomes very happy at the end. It would have been traumatising a the start for all the people and i'm sure allot of people have tears through out the book.

Renee Jones 8I

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