Rent to Own a Mattress For Your Kid's Bunk Bed

Are you thinking about buying or renting a bunk bed? Well hopefully you've got your sights set on grabbing a mattress as well. Thanks to their incomparable design, choosing the right mattress for a bunk bed is arguably even more important than a traditional bed. Luckily, we're here to help you do just that.

Make Sure It Fits

When it comes to choosing a bunk bed mattress, size is the first issue you need to address. You want something that fits snug into the bed frame, so break out the measuring tape to get the right dimensions. Go too small, and you could end up making both comfort and safety an issue as heads and limbs become more susceptible to getting stuck between the frame and mattress.

Satisfy Personal Comfort Needs

Speaking of comfort, it should be high on the list of priorities. In most cases, comfort is a personal thing, so you'll probably want to evaluate the different types of mattresses that are available. Innerspring mattresses are a popular option that use coiled wire inside to create a firm, durable product. The general rule of thumb tells us that the the more coils you have and the wider they are, the firmer the mattress.

Foam mattresses are pretty common as well and really started to take off with the advent of memory foam. If you're thinking about going the foam route, remember that this material comes in a variety of grades itself, which has a big influence on quality, comfort, and price.

Conduct Up Close and Personal Evaluation

In the end, the best way to choose the right bunkbed mattress is to test it out. So if you're getting it for the kids, don't hesitate to bring them along. Whomever will be sleeping in the beds should lie down on various mattresses to determine exactly what feels comfortable.

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