Rent to Own Kitchen Appliances: Picking the Right Range For Family Needs

The ranges of today ooze innovation that allows them to do more cooking while saving both precious time and energy. With so many options on the market, deciding can be more overwhelming than you ever imagined. While every familiy has differenet needs, the right range is usually a careful blend of convenience, style, and of course, efficiency.

Range Styles

Ranges are generally available in three style options:

Free Standing. This style has been a staple in the household for generations. Freestanding ranges come equipped with a backsplash that usually holds the controls for your oven and burners. These ranges are flexibile in that they can be placed in between cabinets or stand on their own.

Slide in. With this style, there is no backguard, so the controls for your oven and burner are located up front. Since the sides lack finishing and enclosures, slide-in ranges are generally best placed between cabinets, which creates a nice embedded look.

Drop in. This style is similar to the slide-in variety with controls up front, but in most cases, requires custom cabinet work to ensure a snug fit in the designated area. Drop-in styles are liminted in availability and therefore harder to find.


Many consumers find that the best way to choose a range is to match size of their familiy with the cavity size of the oven. Here are some general guidelines:

1 to 2 people – 2 to 3 cubic feet

3 to 4 people – 3 to 4 cubic feet

4 or more people – 4 or more cubic feet

As always, it's a good idea to take measurements to make sure the range fits in your designated space.

A Word on Efficiency

Unfortunately, there are currently no Energy Star approved ranges available. However, there are things you can do to improve effiency. Using the proper cookware, optimal heat, and regular cleaning are just a few examples.

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