Rental Furniture and Properly Staging a Living Room

The living room is the showcase destination in almost any home. This is often where we entertain guests and enjoy intimate moments with the family. It's also the first room people usually see when entering the house. When it comes to home staging, the living room deserves priority-level attention.

Address Color Requirements

If the home is draped in outdated wallpaper or peeling walls, color is something you're going to have to think about. Many experts will agree that you can't go wrong with white, but don't rule out beiges and other richer, darker colors. Don't be afraid to update colors on your mouldings, either. Moulding colors that contrast with the wall shades can create a synergetic look here.

Arrange Furniture

Furniture is one of the most underrated aspects of home staging. How you proceed here is heavily tied to preferences and the furniture at your disposal, but as a general rule, you want to avoid lining core pieces along the four living room walls. While you want to create ample room for visitor traffic, leaving too much open space could come off as empty and uninviting. Identify your best looking pieces, and maximize their potential by creating focal points and accessorizing where necessary.

Apply Accents

Speaking of accessories, they have the power to add the perfect complement to the living room – when a careful balance is achieved. Try to keep the number of items you display to a minimum and establish consistency with color schemes and groupings. For example, if you set a green bowl in the center of an accent table, a mixture of bananas and apples inside might contrast perfectly. Likewise, a collection of New Years-inspired snow globes on the shelve will likely appear more visually striking than globes with random themes.

When undersanding what a detailed process it can be, it becomes clear to see why some real estate companies and property owners bring in professional home stagers. In the event that you need high quality furniture and accessories for your staging project, visit to learn more about benefits of renting with Buddy's Home Furnishings.