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About Reon Schutte

Author and inspirational speaker Reon Schutte travels the world sharing his moving story of hope and survival. Formerly a member of the South African Special Forces, Reon Schutte was captured as a political prisoner in 1992 and held for more than 10 years in a notoriously brutal prison in Zimbabwe. His first book, Set Yourself Free, relays the inspiring narrative of his journey.

Set Yourself Free presents 10 principles that helped Schutte survive in prison and through which he hopes to help his readers and audiences break out of their own personal prisons that arise from issues such as fear, anger, self-doubt, and lack of forgiveness. A charismatic speaker with a powerful message, Reon Schutte has shared his story of overcoming hardship with more than 1 million people around the world to date. He continues to offer wisdom and encouragement through his book.
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