Mega Beasts

Some animals in the past were monsters. Some of them even looked like they were from a movie.

Terror Bird

The Terror Bird was pretty much the perfect predator in it's time. It has one of the most deadliest of weapons. His beak can chomp through almost everything, his beak also has a special part to it that no other animal has, a hook on the fron of it's beak so it can penetrate flesh and bones.


The Mosasaur was one of the most dangerous animals alive. It was also the largest animal in the sea. The reason it was so dangerous is because of his jaw power how big he was. The Mosasaur started to get on top of the food chain because it was able to kill all the other predators.


The Spinosaurus is one of the scariest land dinosaurs ever. It's almost like it came out of movie. It is like a Crocodile but so much bigger and deadlier.

Hope you enjoyed.