Replication Medical

Biocompatible Medical Implants

About Replication Medical

Replication Medical is a leader in the design and development of groundbreaking medical products that provide minimally invasive alternatives to spinal surgery. Through the use of proprietary hydrogel technology, Replication Medical provides several back pain solutions, including the GelGuard Spinal Barrier, the GelFix Interspinous Spacer, and the GelStix Nucleus Augmentation Implant.

Replication Medical's specialization in developing hydrogel products has led to the popularity of using biocompatible solutions in treating spinal pain. The GelGuard Spinal Barrier is a post-operative reconstructive barrier that provides protection against scar formation that can cause damage to nerve roots. The GelFix Interspinous Spacer, a one-piece dynamic spacer that is implanted through a minor incision, helps to preserve ligaments and tissue by maintaining spinal flexibility. Finally, the GelStix Nucleus Augmentation Implant provides patients with relief from the discomfort caused by diseased discs by restoring hydration.

Replication Medical's hydrogel products are distributed worldwide from its company headquarters in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company plans to expand its product line by developing hydrogel applications that will have an impact on numerous areas of medical application, including orthopedics, neurosurgery, heart surgery, ophthalmology, and plastic surgery.

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