Exhibition & Performance

sponsored by Japanisches Kulturinstitut (The Japan Foundation)
& filia GmbH

18:00 - 20:30
Veranstaltungssaal of the Japanese Embassy
Hiroshimastr. 10, 10785 Berlin

Free admission. Prior registration essential.e-mail to kultur@bo.mofa.go.jp, subject:REQUIEM

Please note the security guideline of the embassy. Full names of all attendees should be registered, otherwise you may be denied to enter.

Contact: requiemprojekt@gmail.com

3.11 - Two years after the disaster.

In the Buddhist thought, this year would be the third "death anniversary". The so-called 三回忌 (sankaiki = third death anniversary) is a special occasion to pray.

We are very pleased to announce to you that we will be hosting "Requiem" with the help of the Japanese Embassy in Berlin, Germany!

Performance by

CreaTraD is a very unique trio composed of three young Japanese musicians. While each of them is one of the most impressive young leaders in their respective field, they are trying to create a very new co-existing way of traditional and modern art.  

- Kaho Aso (Japanese Handdrum/Japanese transverse flute/dance)           

- Keita Kanazashi (Japanese drums wa-daiko/Japanese transverse flute)

- Hidehito Naka (Clarinet)

Participating Artists

Satoshi Hoshi
Etsuko Fuzuki
Ichiro Furuichi
Nobuhiro Mitani
Hidetaka Imaizumi
Jeannine Baldomero
Seiji Tokushige
José Carlos Izquierdo
Tomohiro Noguchi
Tomoko Takahashi
Lea Nagano
Katerina Omelchuk
Chika Takabayashi
Gisela Gräning
Kathrin Harder
Fujiyo Matsuo
Yurina Misaki
Takekuni Toshijima
Isabella Viktoria Sedeka
Kana Otomo
Aki Suzuki
sandra rudolph
Takehito Okuno
Bettina Weiß
Yuuichirou Yamanishi
Ulrike Prib
Keiko Ashizawa
Junichi Oboshi
Keiko Oboshi
Toshinori Naya
Ayuko Moriya
Takuya Oshima
Yui Mikami
Kamil Frankowicz
Kai Takeichi
Mami Yasui
Aya Onodera
Mizuki Kin
Dagmar Filter
Imako Umesaka
Codai Nakamura

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