Coin Toss Game
Martinez kiran
May 26 2015

In this project we will decide if a game is fair or unfair after that we will create 2 of our own games one that is fair and one that unfair.

The game is two players toss three coins if the coins land on two heads player one wins. everything else player two wins.

This game is not fair. the reason why is there could be a possibility of hhh, hht, htt,hth, ttt, tht, tth, thh so that means player one has a 2/8 of a chance of getting it and player two has a 4/8 of a chance to win.

One of my own games is toss your cards. the way it works is one person gets all the face cards plus the tens  and the other gets all the cards below ten. They shuffle the cards they have and have it so the you can't see the cards number. the you take the top card and place it in front who ever has the card with the biggest value wins that card and puts it to the side. then the players take the next card and place it down and so on. the way this game is unfair is every face card is bigger than all the cards smaller than ten. The reason this game is not fair is because the person with the face cards is always going to win because those cards are all over ten. the math is 9 times four because there are 9 cards and there are four for each. and it equals 47. the possibility's for the face cards are there are  is 5 times four and that equals 20 but even tho it is smaller every card is a winner.

my other game is as cold as dice.

the game goes is there is two dice. each player rolls the dice if its 1-3 or  1-2 or  1-1 or 2-1 2-2 or 2-3 or 3-3 or 3-2 or 3-1 the player one gets the points. if it is  4-5  4-6  4-4  5-5  5-6  5-4  6-6  6-4  6-5 player two wins the other 18 are the ones that are a draw like 4-1  4-2  4-3  5-1  5-2  5-3  6-1  6-2  6-3  1-4  1-5  1-6  2-4  2-5  2-6  3-4  3-5  3-6. and those are .the way this game is fair is because they each have a 50 percent chance to get one of their possibilities.  every thing else is no ones point.

 This is a picture of Toss your cards

This next photo is from cold as dice.

this photo is from toss your cards

This is a diagram from the given game.

In this game I have learned that the makers of games have tried hard to make the games they make even and fair.