Trimester 1 Project:
Fictional Piece

For this project you have 4 choices: Poetry/Lyrics, Short Story, Script, or Children's Book (Click on each to see the requirements for each option)


The ideation phase is a time for you to brainstorm and plan your story. These are initial ideas and do not need to be set in stone. Your ideas should be dynamic (ever changing).

What will your write your piece about?

1. Create a proposal                                                                  2. Create a story map


Authors don't just start writing. They need to do research to make sure they have some basis of reality and truth, especially when they are writing realistic fiction.

What will you need to know before you can start writing?

1. Fill out the planning form                                                2. Take notes for your research


Author's go through any drafts throughout their process. We will have spending 2 weeks drafting our pieces. Throughout that time, we will be conferencing, revising, and editing to make our writing professional and publishable.

How does an author communicate his/her story effectively?

1. Submit your drafts to Google Classroom         2.Email Beckah when you have new drafts.