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Humpty Web Hosting Company in India

A web hosting service offers you a part of its resources where you can take the advantage of the services over the internet. Various Web Hosting services and Web Hosting Company in India offers these services to their clients in order to give them option to upload their website over the internet with the server to display the content they want to show to the world and to the user.

The major types of services that are on offer by the hosting companies in India are:

  • 1. Web hosting:
    this is the most commonly used and popular hosting service. It allows the user to upload his website on the internet for the full time. Various Web Hosting Company in India with Managed Dedicated Servers offer this with internet connectivity and software packages with the additional features as email and languages as PHP, JAVA, HTML, and XHTML and so on.
  • 2. File hosting:
    it’s almost the same as the web hosting, the difference being, it offers safe storage and the data can be accessed over the internet with the right amount of speed and accuracy. With several Reseller Hosting in India and Virtual Private Server in India the big corporations use this in abundance.
  • 3. Email and Image hosting:
    Email hosting as the name suggests offers hosting and transfer of email over the server. This service is usually offered with the web hosting service with a proper domain hosting. Image hosting too as name suggests offers hosting of the images. This allows you to conveniently share images in the unrestricted form on the various online and ecommerce platform.

The Web Hosting services can be further divided into the following categories:

  • 1. Shared web hosting:
    This is the most common and widely used web hosting as several web applications are stored in a single physical server. This allows the cost to be at the minimum. The specific account is provided to the user and is administrated by the user via a web based control panel. This gives quick and full access but the shared hosting is suitable for the smaller enterprises and not for the heavily loaded web sites.
  • 2. Dedicated hosting:
    As opposed to the shared hosting, these hosting offers a Managed Dedicated Servers to the user and the servers are not shared. You’re given an individual server with a bandwidth purpose of its own. This type of hosting is targeted to the websites which have heavily loaded pages and the web applications which generate substantial amount of hardware load. The dedicated hosting is generally suitable for the websites that have visitors in the range of 12000-15000 visits a day. The examples of dedicated hosting are online shopping portals, online gaming portals etc.

With each and individual need covered, the web hosting services in India offer unmatched services to every enterprises according to their need. With various options to choose from we are benefitted with good services with competitive rates.

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