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Residents Medical Group is the only global placement service.

About Residents Medical Group

Residents Medical Group helps medical school graduates prepare for, guide and find placement into residency programs that are ideal matches for their specializations and desires within the medical field. As the only service in the world dedicated to medical residency placement, Residents Medical Group offers medical students, graduates of American and international programs, numerous connections to medical institutions in the United States. This service allows medical students to focus on their final year of studies and, post-graduation, enter into a residency at an American health care center without any delay in time spent searching without any proper direction for an appropriate position.

Offering clients over 20 years of experience in navigating residency programs that are certified with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, Residents Medical Group specializes in serving medical graduate students that are in the last year of medical school and who have earned their degree from a university. Solid partnerships have been formed by the organization with medical institutions that are eager to hire residents that have the proper sophistication who are graduates of foreign educational programs or some of the finest programs stateside. The organization additionally provides future medical residents with coaching and preparation in several aspects of filling a residency position, such as meeting the requirements of the ACGME and their selected medical residency program, providing efficiency of service, practicing appropriate bedside manner, and working as a member of an established team. All of Residents Medical Group's services are done on an 1 on 1 basis rather than a one fits all classroom setting. Individualized attention and proper guidance specific to the student's need differentiates Residents Medical Group.

In order to better serve students regardless of their location, Residents Medical Group operates offices in the United States and abroad. The organization's Los Angeles, California, office is on Wilshire Boulevard in the Westwood Village neighborhood of West Los Angeles. The organization's overseas office is located in the capital city of Prague, Czech Republic. Residents Medical group also has satellite offices in Zurich, Switzerland, Munich, Germany, Mumbai, India and Chicago, Illinois.

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