Every Business Wants #Resilience

It often gets called performance, flexibility and value. We call it the only way to survive in the 21st Century

"A Resilient Business is one that always remains relevant to those it serves. It has a clear and authentic purpose and it enjoys the support of those tasked to deliver its vision. It does so by staying closely in tune with the 'dynamics' that surround it and by working in a connected, collaborative and co-operative manner with all stakeholders (employees, partners and suppliers).

It is capable of doing this in a way that isn't constrained by geographic, organisational, technological or physical barriers." - Group Partners 2013

The Model For Business Excellence

The 5 Platforms Explained

Passion and Purpose across the enterprise - complete belief in the vision and strategy of the business and commitment to achieving it and delivering value that isn't solely focused on the bottom line. Enabled through inclusive and mindful leadership and Principles led management.

Really knowing what is going on in the world and what that means to your Business. Spotting the clues, the patterns and the trends and understanding their implications. Remaining always curious and celebrating new discovery

Information that supports the development of insight and helps the right people to make the right decisions. In context and accessible when and wherever needed. Always current, always relevant and freely shared

Just because the organisation has to have a structure doesn't mean that structure has to control everything that happens. Dynamic and resilient businesses see themselves more as an interconnected system operating within bigger networks in harmony and for mutual benefit with other connected systems

All of the above means that there is no room for cumbersome or irrelevant processes. Instead working practices are designed against shared principles and mechanisms designed to enable and to allow collaborative and creativity to flourish

How Are We Doing?

In too many cases the answer is – ‘Not that well’ – we haven’t found a single organisation that isn’t wrestling with the following

  • Unwillingness or Inability to dedicate quality time to strategic thinking
  • Working environments that kill creativity
  • Focus on the wrong things
  • Lack of connection to the vision and strategy
  • Loss of connection between teams at every level
  • Fear of anything that feels complicated
  • Reluctance to tackle the real issues
  • Closed minds and attitudes
  • Lack of ownership and real commitment
  • Fragmentation and Disorder

Despite many attempts to drive through change that could deliver greater certainty of a future. We have observed many repeating patterns and witnessed many teams falling at the first few hurdles – and these are just some of the common conditions that we experience in many instances.

Looking for Resilience?