We get asked to solve a lot of things

Leadership challenges - all varieties of value creation - strategy development - developing excellence in some quarter - change, transformation - you know the sort of thing.

An Interesting Insight

In a lot of these cases the actual question we get asked is veiled or oblique. But over time we've noticed a common pattern to the context and the dynamics that drove the original question.

Having spent years believing in a certain model for organisation and change we sympathise with why it's often very hard to see beyond it and appreciate that this model is the very reason for the issues being experienced. It's become the ultimate 'Groundhog Day' that makes it impossible to ask for a different kind of ‘framework’ or method of resolving it properly.

We Call That New Model - Resilience

Our Belief

We believe and promote the idea of a Resilient Enterprise.

One that is free from artificial constraints, is able to adapt with the times and feels at ease with complexity. One that doesn’t feel the need to place everything within well defined ‘containers’ and one where the workforce are 100% behind the core purpose, vision and mission of the business.

If you want a flexible and adaptive organisation.

One that is able to make the best use of its most critical assets then that organisation needs to be actively engaged in shaping the way they will play their part and equipped to participate in the best way possible.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve

To react quickly when trend change and when new opportunities or challenges arise then you need to be closely in tune with the dynamic context surrounding and influencing your world - positively embrace the complexity and encourage curiosity

If you want to make the best possible decisions

And get inside the dynamics of your business and the perspectives of your stakeholders then you need to invest in platforms that can provide meaningful information and open up your insights to those who need it to do their job.

If you want to create seamless work and customer experiences

And to design the very best models, products and services then you need to understand how value flows within the organisation and who contributes to it

If you want the enterprise to be with you every step of the way

Then you need to engage them in the most authentic way possible by sharing your ambitions and purpose and making it meaningful - so that the passion and commitment can be felt throughout the organisation and everyone is united around a common purpose

That is our high level definition of Resilience

Our Approach

There are three vital facets to everything that we do - Structure, Visualisation and Thinking - and perhaps unsurprisingly we call this Structured Visual Thinking

‘An Enduring Philosophy’- Consistently Applied

These three facets show up in many ways - some of them are much more visible than others at certain times - but they are there always, at times in varying degrees and quite naturally with one facet taking more prominence than another.

There is never a situation where any are completely absent.

All of this comes together through the use of our proprietary framework approach - an approach that was born out of sheer frustration at our inability to create a coherent brief against which we could confidently tackle any multi dimensional challenge.