Restaurants Use ServiceCheck to Improve Employee Feedback

The best sources of information restaurants have are their customers and their employees. While many restaurants make a point of gathering QSR guest feedback, collecting employee feedback often falls by the wayside. The best way to ensure that you are able to benefit from your employee's knowledge and collect information from customers as well is to take advantage of ServiceCheck’s feedback solutions.

ServiceCheck, a leader in the customer feedback and experience management field, provides a number of customer care solutions, including CustomerLink and EmployeeLink. CustomerLink gives businesses the ability to provide round-the-clock guest feedback options that include live agents, web forms, social media, email and comment cards. This service allows you to collect QSR guest feedback and provide resolutions to concerned guests when it is convenient for them.

However, as important as collecting and responding to guest feedback is, you can greatly reduce guest complaints by taking advantage of EmployeeLink's 24/7/365 employee hotline. An employee hotline can raise morale, let you know about management problems and improve customer service practices. EmployeeLink shows your employees that their opinion matters to you and allows you to address issues that are causing concern to your staff.

Since the hotline gives employees the option of anonymity, your staff is more likely to report problems that they would not be comfortable talking about with you face-to-face, such as harassment or problematic behavior from other employees. Studies show that employees who are happy with their jobs perform better and provide better customer service, and being informed of problems with your staff can help you keep morale high. Another way that employee feedback can benefit a company is by providing insight into the best ways to handle customer issues. Your employees deal with your customers directly on a daily basis; their input is imperative.

With employee hotline and guest feedback solutions from a leading customer recovery company like ServiceCheck, restaurants can be sure that they are resolving customer problems in a way that is convenient for customers as well as staying on top of the overall operation of the restaurant and its employees.

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