The Resume -
(classroom & teacher version)


How can having the right resume help you accomplish your life goals?

By the end of today's lesson, you will be able to...

1. DEFINE and EXPLAIN the function of different types of resumes

2. CREATE, EDIT, & PRODUCE your own resume depending on your need

But these are my goals...

What is your GOAL for TODAY?

What is a resume & why do I need one?

Think of a resume like a snap chat - it is short and to the point, and people only look at it for a couple of seconds.

The purpose of a resume is to provide a summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments. It is a QUICK advertisement of who you are.


Chronological = Timeline of Work History

Functional = Skills & Experience

Combination = Skills & Experience with Work History

Academic = Experiences & Awards related to Academics

Compare & Contrast

What do these resumes have in common?

What is different about each one?

Check In - Thinking back to your original goal for today, let's refine it. What is your refined goal for today?

Let's Get to Work

- Get the info out first, then worry about formatting

- Stay away from full sentences...remember, like snap chat

- 1 page, that is it.

- This is your 1 time you can brag, and not be rude. Brag.

- Get creative with wording. Instead of not listing Work Experience because you have never had a job, think about chores you do, or responsibilities you have - those can be turned into Work Habits or Employ-ability Skills!!!

In Word

1. Use a Resume Template if you would like. If not, get the info on the paper, and then worry about formatting.

2. No matter what type of resume you are working on, you need your contact information somewhere on the resume.

3. Do that now = Full name, Address, Email, and Phone Number

4. Do you want a Summery or Objective? If so, add that next. KEEP IT SHORT!

5. Depending on what type of resume you are working on, add your next section: skills, experiences, education, accomplishments.

6. Continue adding sections in the order you prefer until you have exhausted all of your awesomeness :)

7. Get some advice. Edit. and repeat.

8. Take your resume online

How did we do today?

Room Name: resume

Socrative Question #3:
What could I have done better to help you learn today?



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