Be the Agressor

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

The dictionary definition of the word character:

The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another.

Your character determines your success, the way others view you, your work ethic, the quality of your relationships with other, etc. It is everything. It is the one thing that is specifically YOU. Your character doesn’t have to be determined by default by what you DON’T do. You don’t have to be somebody because of what you don’t achieve or complete. Don’t be a man or woman of omission. Be a man or woman of addition. You can build this character through calculated actions and growth. You can build integrity, wisdom and principles. You must commit yourself to being a better person. Attack your weaknesses until they become strengths. Be the aggressor. There is a wall between yourself and the person you want to be. Don’t go around it, don’t go over it….go through it. You don’t build character by getting to the other side of struggle…you get it WHILE going through it. This is why character is the key that unlocks greatness from mediocrity. It is forged in the crucible of fire, desire and determination. Be the architect of your character.