Review: Industrial Trends

Jakarta, Indonesia - If construction is a game, there are just a lot of people who would fail on it. Sound strategies are now as vital as the structures. After the housing dip of a few years ago, value is still on people’s minds as there isn’t a guarantee that another downturn couldn’t be around the corner. Axis Capital Group, a company which sells and rents capital equipment in Singapore and other Asian countries released the trends that construction industry are now experiencing in the present world:

1. Single-Design Model

Traditionally, engineering documents were created then given to the contractor to re-draw with different information. Now, to save time and money, there’s a shift to have it all in-house from engineering to coordination, creating a one-stop shop. Through the proper coordination, models can and should go through engineering right into construction. Thirty month projects can get turned into 24-month projects.

2. Materials

Materials such as adapted sheet metal are popular as a guaranteed pressure class for high quality, but it is how materials are being used that makes the difference. Going to prefabrication off-site for construction fits right into the ongoing theme of improving schedules. Records of the use of fraud materials used are now lessened as contractors are being more and more meticulous.

3. Energy Efficiency

People have noticed that more and more construction companies are now being eco-friendly. Energy consumption is always on the mind in construction. He notes systems that recover energy through heat wheels and occupancy sensors are becoming vital. By recognizing carbon dioxide in the room, a sensor changes the ventilation and, therefore, the energy needed.

4. Permanent Modular Construction

A lot of reviews say that permanent modular construction will be a huge trend in the coming years, saying the construction can easily last more than 50 years. Modular construction fits particularly well when you’re in a time crunch, from fast food restaurants that need to go up quickly to army barracks for military deployment.

5. Full-force Mobile Computing

Mobile devices on the job have been trending in construction industry technology for some time. 70% of construction professionals already view mobile technology as important to their businesses, planning to use it to access and share information such as customer and job data, drawings, schedules, photos, and plans. The future effects of this trend point to a higher level of company-wide connection and overall better onsite efficiency.

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