Rev Paul Murray 

Rev. Paul Murray and the Global Peace Foundation.

About Rev Paul Murray

Based in Maryland, Rev. Paul Murray is the senior pastor of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Millersville. In the position for over a decade, Dr. Murray focuses on civic involvement and unites faith-based and community organizations in developing projects that will improve society. A talented and sought-after public speaker, the reverend has spoken before audiences and congregations around the world, including at a meeting of the United Nations in New York. In addition to his work with Lighthouse Christina Fellowship, Rev. Paul Murray also serves as CEO co-founder of Vision Ministries International.

As part of his consulting work with Vision Ministries International, Dr. Murray serves as the international director of multi-faith development with the Global Peace Foundation in Washington, D.C. Among his responsibilities are creating multi-faith partnerships with organizations across the world, uniting faith leaders to devise solutions for social issues, and representing the group at annual conferences. In 2012, Pastor Paul Murray played a role in establishing the multi-day Global Peace Convention. People from 40 nations appeared at the event and represented fields such as religion, public service, and education. On the final day of the event, he moderated a discussion on civil rights. 

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