Gifted and Talented Students

Our school systems are geared toward struggling students and our gifted students are left behind. sixty percent of teachers say their lesson plans are centered around the needs of struggling students. Educators are forced to gear their curriculum toward the struggling students and the gifted students get left behind and are not able to reach their full potential.

                                                             Gifted Students

1. work at a faster pace

2. Gifted students are not different from anyone else in the classroom they just have the ability to learn faster.

3. The average learner takes 12 to 18 repetitions to master a concept. A gifted learner takes 6 to 8 repetitions.

                                                How to Spot a Gifted Student

1. Gifted students learn new information quickly, they master reading skills early on in life, they enjoy a challenge and they expresses unique and original opinions.

2. Gifted Students also become easily bored and get off task easily, they can take on to much and become overwhelmed, they tend to not work well in groups and can become impatient when not called on in class right away.

                                                     Teaching Strategies

1. I will have independent projects for them to develop their creativity.

2. I will have some medicine balls these students to sit on when they start to become bored or off task, this will help get them moving a little bit without distracting the rest of the class.

3. I will incorporate technology in my classroom to help foster their creativity.

4. I will have some assignments that go above and beyond what is covered in the regular classroom.

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