Mobile Apps

in K-12 classroom

Math Fun- This app contains plenty of games that focus on division and multiplication for a Grade 2 student. There are a variety of different games like bingo, word problems, and picture questions.

There are over 200 activities that can reinforce what a student is learning in the classroom. This app encourages students to practice their skills. Students can also use this app as a study tool when they are preparing for an exam

Mnemozina- This app is designed to help you remember foreign words. Once downloaded, it routinely quizzes you throughout the day by popping up on the desktop of your computer.

This app can be especially helpful for students who are preparing for spelling tests. In order to learn and memorize how to spell a word, a student must repeat it many times. This app tests the student's spelling of the word and then reinforces it in the student's head. This app can also be beneficial for the older grades as well. As the students grow older, the app can help the students expand and grow their vocabulary.

Read and Focus- In this app, there is a transparent, colored window that shows the line of text you are reading online.

Because so many of student's notes and textbooks are now online, it can be challenging to stay focused. This window blocks out any distractions for the student and helps the students easily read the text. This app has be known to be especially helpful for students with ADHD and dyslexia.

Org Chart Maker- With this online app, you can easily make aesthetically pleasing and clear charts that you can insert into other documents on your Mac.

This app has many uses in the classroom. It can be used as a study guide for students. Students can create mind maps that show their learning and key concepts. Org Chart Maker can also be used as an outlet for assignment. Instead of making traditional posters on paper, students can choose to submit an online version using this app.

Annotations- This app allows you to easily highlight and add notes to an online text. It also gives you the ability to organize and filter these annotations.

With this app, a student is able to keep track of the important ideas in an online document that could otherwise get lost as they're reading. The student can go back and easily see what the main ideas were and what was the most important. With the note-taking feature on the app, the students are also able to record their thoughts and keep track of what they're reading.

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