The Gassing Of Jews:


By:Sabrina Proctor

My Summary

The gassing of the Jews started in 1939 they used Carbon Monoxide to gas the Jews then the Germans graduated to Zyklon B. When they were done being gassed they either got thrown into a hole or burned in an oven sometimes alive. The Germans also used gas vans  so when they got to the gas chambers. Some children were already  dead of suffocation in the vans the people still alive get put in the gas chambers to be killed. When they ran out of Carbon Monoxide they started beating the victims to death.  

Interesting Facts:                                                                                                                           1) They used Carbon Monoxide in the chambers.                                                                 2) They also used gas vans on the way to the gas chambers.                                            3) Before they went into the gas chambers they had to be disinfected by "showers."         4) The tighter the gas chambers the faster the victims suffocated.                                       5) When they entered the chambers they had to put their arms up to fit as many people in as possible.                                                                                                                  6) 6,000 Jews were gassed each day.                                                                                   7) Zyklon B pellets converted lethal gas when exposed to air.                                             8) The constructed the gas chambers to people that were "unfit" to life.                            9) There were 250 ill prisoners in September 1941                                                              10) The gas chambers were small to fit a little people until they built bigger ones to kill Jews.

Timeline of the gassing of Jews:

Their was a mass murder in 1939.

After the June 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union.

In 1941, the SS concluded that the deportation Jews to killing centers (to be gassed.)

In 1942, systematic mass killing is stationary gas chambers with Carbon Monoxide.

In 1942, 6,000,000 Jews have been killed and gassed.

Five groups that were in the holocaust:

  • Soviet Union- Started the gassing of the Jews
  • Germany (Nazi)- Gassed the Jews in gas chambers and gas vans.
  • Treblinka- Also used Carbon Monoxide for gassing Jews.
  • Jewish (Jews)- Were the ones being killed in the gassing chambers and gas vans.
  • Gypsies - They were also gassed in gassing chambers and gas vans.

The Rescue of Jews:

  • The Europeans and other people risked their lives to save the Jewish population but some always got killed when they got spotted by the Nazis soldiers.


Why is my topic important:

My topic is important to know because it is good to know what happened in the past to what happened to all the Jews in the holocaust like Anne Frank that got killed in the holocaust by disease and working to hard in the barbed wired area with her family dying slowly in front of her she also died but not because of the gassing chambers but because she got a disease. The gassing of the Jews is good to know on what happened to the Jews and why we don't have that many Jewish people today than we did during the holocaust.


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